Our Mission:
Understanding and practising holistic plastic recycling!

We always see professional plastic recycling as a challenge that is to be solved with a holistic approach. Thus, we do not limit our service portfolio solely to processing mono plastics. When it comes to separating hard-to-recycle composite materials such as multi-component products, plastic-plastic or plastic-metal combinations, we also offer our customers high-end solutions. Here, we focus on using renewable energies for the recycling process, again in order to take responsability by applying a holistic approach of preserving finite resources.
Ansgar Thees-Ovelgönne, Executive Director.
Thees truck: On the road for you.

we buy & recycle
your plastic waste

To be able to guarantee our wide selection of top-quality grinding materials, we are always keeping an eye out for appropriate recycled goods. Do you have recycled goods and/or regrind in Germany, Europe or even further, and are you looking for a long-term partner for further processing, storage and marketing? Are you looking for a buyer for your plastic production waste, pallets, industrial crates, beverage crates, etc.? Then please get in touch with us. We care for our credibility and reputation, so we want to be always your reliable partner when it comes to recycling valuable plastics.

we separate
your mixed / multi-compo­nent plastics

Today, thanks to different process technologies, we are already able to separate a large number of complex composite structures cleanly, which we can grind homogeneously. This is a real milestone for us and a true gain for the environment. Now, we can return large volumes of valuable raw materials to the production processes that were previously burnt in incineration plants, often for cost reasons.

we supply
premium recycled plastics

We produce and sell top-quality, homogeneous regrind materials for the plastics processing industry. With a generous total storage capacity of several 1,000 tons and a wide variety of different plastic types and colours, we have a particularly high and flexible ability to deliver individual quantities at conditions that are updated daily – just-in-time.

we produce
tailor-made secondary plastics

Are you in search of a special regrind or compound for a new project, a prototyping process or a trial production? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Together with you, we will develop the perfect “mixture” for a perfect result.

We will find your recycling solution!

Mobile or stationary - we are your competent partner for any type of grinding. Feel free to give us a call.


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