360° Recycolution:
Sustainable success for your business

You want to act environmentally conscious and improve the profitability of your company at the same time? Then our holistic recycling concept “360° Recycolution” is the perfect solution for you!

With the expansion of our spatial and technical capabilities, we are not only fully self-sufficient in terms of producing the highest-quality regranulates, but also offer the know-how to reliably recover a purified raw material from contaminated post-consumer material streams. Even with inhomogeneous input streams such as dusts, slightly contaminated production waste and engineering plastics, we use innovative separation techniques to produce perfectly matched, free-flowing granules that you can reuse directly in your production cycle.

Everyone calls it a circular economy; we call it
360° Recycolution

For you, this means resource-saving production that simultaneously saves costs and makes your company fit for a more sustainable future. Because it’s not just the environment that benefits from our process – your customers will also appreciate the fact that you’re focusing on sustainability.

We will find your recycling solution!

Mobile or stationary - we are your competent partner for any type of grinding. Feel free to give us a call.


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