Separation of mixed plastics:
When separation is essential …

Environmental protection and preventing plastic waste in the first place are dominant topics in the 21st century. Needless to say, this goes hand in hand with the responsible use of finite resources. It is also agreed, though, that plastics are (still) indispensable in many areas of today’s society. In numerous cases, alternative concepts such as, e.g. organic plastics, do not offer a real alternative, neither from an ecological, nor from an economical perspective.
Within this context, we – as experts – see the challenge in developing the technical possibilities of recycling further, allowing us to offer an economically-appropriate solution for almost every recycling situation that might arise in the future. Thus, we have focussed our attention on the processing of hard-to-recycle composite materials for several years now. Here, in accordance with our holistic philosophy, the key word is separation, as a logical step.
Today, thanks to different process technologies, we are already able to separate a large number of complex composite structures cleanly, which we can grind homogeneously. This is a real milestone for us and a true gain for the environment. Now, we can return large volumes of valuable raw materials to the production processes that were previously burnt in incineration plants, often for cost reasons.
Separation plastic / metal
Separation plastic / metal
Separation plastic / metal
Plastic-plastic, plastic-metal, plastic-paper, hard and soft plastics – in our daily lives, we encounter a large number of different composite materials (e.g. technical parts from the automobile and construction industry, packaging with metal springs, as from pump sprays). In many cases, they always require different, complex separation processes. Our state-of-the-art machinery allows us to map the required recycling processes perfectly. These include, among others, density separation, electrostatic separation, electromagnetic separation, wind separation, and other techniques. This way, we can offer a multitude of customers and industries a completely new, profitable and, first and foremost, environmentally-friendly way of handling their plastic production waste.
As an independent and innovative family business, we always offer unsurpassed flexibility and cooperate closely with you to find an individual high-end solution for almost any recycling challenge – Made in Germany.

Plastic / plastic


Plastic / metal


Plastic / light fractionations (e.g. labels)


Plastic / paper


Stripping and separation of metal contaminations (e.g. metal springs, grooves, screws, etc.)

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