Recycling is sustainable, but sustainability is much more.

We save valuable resources through holistic plastic recycling. This is not only our core competence, but also the starting point of a comprehensive, sustainable core attitude and firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. The public perception of sustainability is usually equated with environmental protection, but the ecological aspect is only one part of a triad of ecology, economy and human being. Only if we permanently include all aspects will we be able to practice sustainability holistically.
Sustainable for our employees
Sustainable for the economy

Nachhaltig für die Umwelt

  • Recycling complex composite structures/returning difficult-to-separate raw materials to production processes
  • Use of renewable energies
  • Use of photovoltaic systems for self-sufficient production
  • Electric charging stations for e-cars
  • Mobile recycling solutions (shredding, pressing and soon separating), save many thousands of kilometers of truck transport by processing the materials already on site at your accumulation point

Nachhaltig für die Wirtschaft

  • Disposal guarantee, even in times of low demand
  • Supply guarantee, even in times of material shortage (high storage capacity)
  • Drive for innovation: development of new solutions for the recovery of waste previously sent to thermal recycling
  • Investment willingness: We invest future-oriented in technology, the expansion of production and storage capacities and in the qualification of our employees

Nachhaltig für unsere Mitarbeitenden

  • Offer to participate in the “Hansefit” program for discounted use of numerous fitness studios, health and recreational facilities
  • Provision of work clothes
  • Regular company events with food truck
  • Holiday and Christmas bonuses and extra bonuses if business is positive

We will find your recycling solution!

Mobile or stationary - we are your competent partner for any type of grinding. Feel free to give us a call.


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