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As a long-standing partner of the beverage, waste disposal, logistics, and automotive industries, we know what we’re doing. When it comes to recycling of plastics, we also know what is important to ensure you get the best possible return. Whether stationary or mobile, for a global beverage group or a small family business – we always work hand in hand with our customers, and they are delighted by our efficient processes, dedication and efficiency. Perhaps our most striking feature is that we don’t attract much attention. This holds true, in particular, to our on-site mobile grinding work. Here, it is crucial not to interrupt ongoing business processes, which is why we work completely independently, quietly and rapidly. You have the choice: we offer mobile recycling as a pure service, but we also offer to take over the grinding material (at competitive rates).

Specialists for the mobile shredding of crates, large containers, boxes and pallets


Smooth processes


Mobile high-tech grinders


Combined recycling processes like crate / glas, crate / PET, crate / bottle sorting


PET briquetting

Since the various recycling processes often occur together in the beverage industry and have to be handled directly on-site, our service modules can be combined easily, e.g. in the form of bottle sorting, bottle and crate replacements, emptying glass bottles from crates into glass containers, and PET briquetting. These are the occasions, when our holistic approach is essential, and you get a reliable and complete recycling service from a single source. We are also able to adapt to industry-specific requirements, e.g. for mobile recycling services for the automotive, logistics and waste management industries.

We will find your recycling solution!

Mobile or stationary - we are your competent partner for any type of grinding. Feel free to give us a call.


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