Lagerbehälter für recyceltes Kunststoff-MahlgutGround Material Trade
Materialgerechte Indoor-Lagerung des Kunststoff-Mahlguts
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Stationary recycling

Depending on your individual requirements, we set up suitable containers, boxes, crates or cardboard boxes at the place of accrual. The full containers are regularly collected by us and replaced with empty ones. If required, we can react flexibly to unplanned replacement requirements through our own vehicle fleet. We then sort and check the materials before they are further processed, dedusted and demetallised. On request, we can mix the materials individually for defined applications. Then filling takes place in correct and marked packaging. Depending on the request, the material is delivered to you just-in-time, or can be stored in our warehouse.

Mobile recycling

Our Team comes directly to you with our mobile mill. The articles to be ground are agreed on and the mobile mill is set up according to the local conditions. We convey the articles to the mobile mill using our own THEES fork-lifter, after which they are subjected to visual inspection and foreign objects are removed accordingly. Then they are ground, dedusted and demetallised. After that they are filled into appropriate and marked packaging. After dismantling of the mobile mill (the site is of course left well-swept) and the preparation of a detailed grinding protocol, the grinding process is complete. In case of commission grinding, we deposit the covered ground material at the agreed point on your site. If the purchase of ground material has been agreed, we fetch the ground material just-in-time from your site.