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THEES P.L.U.S. – Our concept for increased performance and increased success

The continuing scarcity of resources, social development and, not least, our responsibility for the environment means that the recycling of plastics, too, must be repeatedly modified and developed further. Efficiency, technology, logistics; but also the “human” component are important adjusting screws which must be tweaked again and again to align them perfectly with each other. In order to portray this close “interaction”, we have developed a concept unique within the branch: THEES P.L.U.S. Four focal topics form the holistic approach of our recycling services. THEES P.L.U.S. stands for transparency, drive and challenge, and is both internally and externally the standard for our actions against which we measure ourselves.

Innovative technology and qualified specialist personnel.

One-stop-shop philosophy: Recycling services, collection, transport and storage – all from a single source.

Increased utility for you through individual recycling concepts and optimised returns: We extract the most we can for you.

Increased safety for you through reliable processing and top financial standing.