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Plastic – The material of the 21st century

Plastic is the material of our modern society, as it provides almost endless possibilities for use in the most diverse applications. However, as a "finite" raw material, the price for this versatile polymer has only moved in one direction: upwards!

A scarcity of resources, price development and intensive competition require, in addition to careful handling of resources, tailored recycling concepts in order to exploit the maximum degree of utilisation for this raw material: Welcome to THEES. With over 30 years of recycling experience, we belong to the pioneers of commercial plastic recycling and are your competent contact if you wish to extract the most from your resources.

As a family-run business, trustful collaboration with you as customer is for us the basic prerequisite both for successful business activities and for enacted company philosophies. As a traditional company, we are bound to our region, yet think globally. We see and communicate our work as a holistic service, and as a responsibility towards our environment. With this healthy mixture of human skill, intelligent concepts and innovative technology, we offer not only optimum plastic recycling, but also safety and reliability – guaranteed.